Equipment Fitting

Learn the proper equipment fitting techniques to reduce the risk of concussions and ensure optimal protection.

Helmet Fitting

A properly fitting helmet is a key step in reducing the risk of concussions. Learn how to fit your players' helmets.

helmet fitting guideS

Select your helmet manufacturer to visit their website and find fitting guides.
Shoulder Pad Fitting

Provide players optimal protection with a proper fit. Learn how to fit your players' shoulder pads.

Shoulder pad fitting guides

Select your shoulder pad manufacturer to visit their website and find fitting guides.
Helmet Reconditioning

Keep your helmet game ready. Regular reconditioning and recertification ensures that athletic equipment continues to meet the performance standards you expect.



Face masks, hardware and decals are removed.

Painted helmets are sanded down

Painted (high gloss, matte or metallic) helmets are sanded down to remove any existing paint. Unpainted (gloss) helmets skip this step.

Helmets are sanitized

Helmets are cleaned and sanitized by hot, pressurized water and then rinsed to remove all residue.

Helmets are closely inspected

Helmets are closely inspected for hairline cracks and other defects that may have been obscured by paint.

Interior parts are re-installed

Interior parts are re-installed, including any necessary replacement parts.

Note - additional charges apply for select replacement parts.

Paint is reapplied

Paint is reapplied to all high gloss, matte and metallic-colored helmets. Gloss helmets skip this step.

Face masks are re-attached

Face masks are re-attached with the proper attachment hardware.

Note - team decals are not re-applied during the individual reconditioning process.

Manufacturer warnings are applied

Original manufacturer warnings, product labels and a recertification seal are applied.

Helmet is fully reconditioned and recertified

Helmet is fully reconditioned and recertified - ready for next season!

concussion awareness and Proper Tackling Fundamentals

Learn about concussions and reducing the chances of helmet-to-helmet contact with Heads Up Tackling℠ to advance players' health and safety.